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Old Passage to New Passage defence

Work on the new flood defence here is underway. We have completed some sections of the new flood wall Aust Wharf Road and expect to complete all sections by spring 2022. We have installed a new filter drainage system at Passage Road and are constructing ramps to cross the road. We will/have also installed new flood gates, one of which is on top of the new road ramp at the northern end of passage Road, near Old Passage. Improvements to the existing earth embankment flood defences are in progress from Passage Road to New Passage and will be completed in autumn 2022. 

For information on the temporary footpath closures in this area, see below

Improvements at Cake Pill to raise the outfall structure (the outlet that connects the ditches behind the flood defence into the Severn Estuary) are progressing well and we expect to complete this work in summer 2021. We will then make similar improvements to Chestle Pill Outfall and Cotteralls Pill Outfall.

Flood defence wall works at Passage Road / Aust Wharf Road

Severn Beach defence

At Severn Beach north, we are installing precast concrete flood defence walls to the north which will be complete in late summer 2021. We are also working on the next section south of Severn Beach and expect to finish this work by December.

Flood defence work at Severn Beach North

Lamplighter's Marsh

Following preparation works including ground investigation and vegetation clearance in 2019-2020, we will be constructing the new flood defence at Lamplighter’s Marsh through in Summer 2021. We will be using a mixture of flood defence types: 

– A small earth embankment in front of the railway line to the rear of Lamplighter’s Marsh.

– The earth embankment will tie-in with a new concrete flood defence wall around the existing entrance to Lamplighter’s Marsh open space area and run under the M5 bridge towards the River Avon bank.

– A flood gate at the entrance will allow access into Lamplighter’s Marsh apart from at particularly large tides when the Environment Agency will close the flood gate.

– The concrete flood wall will tie in with a sheet piled wall downstream of the M5 bridge towards the Avonmouth Docks.

Vegetation Clearance at Lamplighters Marsh

Avonmouth Docks

We are carrying out surveys around the docks to identify existing services before we start work on the new flood defence walls in 2022. The flood defence walls will tie-in with the walls constructed in Lamplighter’s Marsh to form the projects longest stretch of continuous flood defence. The flood defence will continue around Avonmouth Docks northwards towards Chittening. Improvements will also be made to Mitchells Salt Outfall, Holes Mouth Outfall and Kings Weston Outfall structure which stop tidal water ingressing into the rhine network.

Trial Holes north of Avonmouth Docks


A vital element of the project is the creation of new and sustainable wetland habitats to protect and secure the future of the internationally important bird species who make their homes on the Severn Estuary. Work is in progress and, by the end of 2022, we will have created wetlands at both Northwick and Hallen Marsh. 

Hallen Marsh wetland

Work on the scrapes (shallow bowls with gently sloping sides which hold rain and flood water seasonally) is well underway and archaeologist and ecologists are helping us onsite by providing ‘watching briefs’. We will also install new bridge crossings in this area.

Northwick wetland

We started excavation work in the Northwick area in 2020, creating scrape areas ponds. We stopped work over the winter due to the very wet conditions. In 2021 we’ve been building flow control structures and ditch crossings. We’ll start landscaping in the wetland area in autumn 2021.

Watch our video from December 2020 here to find out what the project will look like

April 2021 - Temporary road and footpath closures

Map illustrating closure of part of Passage Road during the construction of the flood ramps and associated structures on Passage Road.

To deliver vital flood defence, works to construct the flood ramps and associated structures on Passage Road, will mean part of Passage Road will remain closed until autumn/winter 2021.

The road closure is between the southern junction of Passage Road with the A403 and just beyond BMMjv’s site compound entrance, south of the junction with Aust Wharf Road. A diversion route is currently in place for both vehicles and cyclists, and an alternative footpath diversion route is sign posted.

Temporary traffic signals have been installed on the A403. These will be part time vehicle activated signals, that will only be used when we transport material across the A403.

We have had to close sections of the Severnway Footpath between Aust and Chittening. Project partners Bristol City Council and South Gloucestershire Councils, the Environment Agency and the West of England Combined Authority have worked together to ensure that other footpaths remain open to provide alternative routes.Full details of the diversions and closures are shown on the images in the plan linked below as well as the map images.