Current status

Hallen Marsh wetland
Work on the scrapes (shallow bowls with gently sloping sides which hold rain and flood water seasonally) is well underway and archaeologist and ecologists are helping us onsite by providing ‘watching briefs’.

Northwick wetland
We started excavation work in the Northwick area in 2020, creating scrape areas ponds. In 2021 we’ve been building flow control structures and ditch crossings.

Work planned

We will be carrying out landscaping at both wetlands shortly. At Hallen we will also install new bridge crossings. The main construction phase of works on both wetlands should be completed by winter 2021.


The work will create a minimum of 80ha of new wetland habitats, the equivalent of 112 football pitches, to support the internationally important Severn Estuary’s bird species.

Northwick Wetlands

Work impact notices

For information on the temporary footpath closures in this area, see here.