Avonmouth and Severnside Enterprise Area (ASEA) is one of a select group of strategically important employment locations across the West of England that complements the Temple Quarter Enterprise Zone. An industrial location of internationally significant scale, it extends for 5 miles along the Severn Estuary, covering some 1,800 hectares.

Currently, it predominantly services storage and distribution centres and energy and waste schemes. The strategic location, with motorway links and proximity to the port, means it is highly attractive to potential UK and international investors. It is expected to continue attracting major manufacturing, logistics and distribution companies over the next 30-40 years.

Improving the flood defences in this area will help give businesses more confidence to encourage investment in the Avonmouth Severnside Enterprise Area (ASEA) and help to support the creation of 12,000 new jobs from new commercial development by 2026.

There are two main areas of economic activity – Avonmouth in the south and Severnside in the north. Avonmouth is the closest port to the main centres of UK population, with 42 million people living within a radius of 250 kilometres. In 2018, the three largest sectors in ASEA were Advanced Engineering and Aerospace (AEA) (c.32%), Distribution (c.28%) and Construction (c.15%)

These key components of employment in Avonmouth Severnside reflect its attractiveness as an area for large-scale industrial, warehouse and distribution, energy and waste processing uses, in addition to the activities of the port and its associated storage and distribution facilities and associated industries.

You can find out more about this potential opportunity in our short video.